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Friday, October 22, 2010 - 11:11am

U.S. Transportation Secretary Back In Georgia

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation was in Macon today to speak at a transportation summit.He spoke out about the need for high-speed rail in Georgia.

In a room filled with lawmakers and state transportation officials Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said Georgia’s future must include high speed rail for its economy to grow. He also expressed support for a transportation sales tax.

LaHood took time to explain comments he made regarding Georgia’s failed attempts to get millions of federal dollars for high speed rail earlier this year. He said that Georgia didn’t have its act together.

“That’s how I define getting your act together, a common agenda with strong leadership, with matching money. You’ll be in the catbird seat. You’ll be on the train.”

Lahood was in Atlanta earlier this week presenting a 47-million dollar check for a streetcar line in downtown Atlanta.

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