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Friday, October 22, 2010 - 10:06am

No Need to Worry About Bees

Georgia Beekeepers say there is no need to be concerned about rare Africanized bees. These wild bees caused the death of an Albany man, but Officials from the Georgia Beekeepers Association say they are not kept in the state.

Virginia Webb, a beekeeper with the Association says this is a unique situation.

“The general public should not be leery at all. Africanized honeybees do not live in cooler climates and even though South Georgia doesn’t get harsh winters, they still get very cold winters and the Africanized honeybee is just not going to survive.”

Webb says large populations of domestic bees actually keep Africanized bees from becoming a problem in warm areas. But South Georgia beekeepers are concerned about backlash. They worry that property owners will refuse to house their hives due to fear.

Africanized bees are an aggressive hybrid of European and African bees. Webb says European honeybees kept in state contribute to over half of Georgia’s agricultural economy.

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