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Monday, October 18, 2010 - 7:51am

Officer Bubbles Sues For Defamation

Constable Adam Josephs of the Toronto Police has something of a thin skin, you might say.

He became internet famous over the summer for berating and arresting a young woman who was blowing bubbles during a G20 protest in July. If you haven't seen this video, it's worth it. The money quote, If the bubble touches me, you're going to be arrested for assault."

One might expect a performance like that to be mocked. And so it was. The video became a hit. Constable Josephs was immediately christened "Officer Bubbles."

So Josephs is now suing, he wants $1.2 million in damages. From the Globe and Mail:

The target of Constable Josephss lawsuit isnt the original video, but a series of cartoons posted on YouTube over the following weeks that depict a policeman resembling the officer engaging in various acts of police abuse of power.

In his statement of claim, Constable Josephs alleges the cartoons have subjected him to ridicule, and have resulted in threats against himself and his family. He also seeks to compel YouTube to reveal the identities of the person who created and posted the cartoon identified by the moniker ThePMOCanada and the identities of several people who posted comments in response.

The cartoons, which have vanished from YouTube alas, depict a police officer arresting, among others, Barack Obama and Santa Claus.

Josephs' lawyer had this to say to the National Post.

"From our client's perspective, he was performing his duty as a police officer in what was an extremely volatile time at the summit," said Const. Josephs' lawyer, James Zibarras.

While he said Const. Josephs' actions at the summit can be subject to criticism, "that reaction had this massive backlash that we say is disproportionate and incommensurate to what happened, and started getting to the point where it included threats."

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