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Monday, October 18, 2010 - 9:34am

Brunswick Shrimpers Catch More but Earn Less

Coastal shrimpers have experienced several months of great catches but are getting little in return. The Georgia shrimpers association says warm waters and low disease rates meant a greater number of large shrimp in Brunswick.

Patrick Matthews with the association says shrimp are priced based on weight.

“It’s probably about a dollar a pound less than what it was before the plants quit processing shrimp when we started this year. The plants were paying a dollar per pound more in June, for instance, than they are in October.”

The Southern Shrimp Alliance says shrimpers got less money for their catch because the Gulf Coast oil spill shut down over half of the processing plants that usually compete for shrimp. With so few processing plants and low consumer confidence due to the spill, there is no money to be made.

Officials say shimpers are catching more, but it’s too early to make assumptions about the season

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