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Friday, October 15, 2010 - 1:03pm

Gov. Candidates Say No To Grocery Tax

As Georgia’s Tax Reform Council is looking at ways to reform Georgia’s Tax code, Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates say they do not support re-instating the tax on groceries.

Republican Nathan Deal, Libertarian John Monds and Democrat Roy Barnes spoke on the subject during a telephone townhall for seniors sponsored by the Georgia AARP.

When asked whether he'd veto a grocery tax, Democrat Roy Barnes said "yes, I would oppose it." Republican Nathan Deal said he's also not in favor of a grocery tax and Libertarian John Monds said he'd need to look closely at all the items.

The Tax reform council will make recommendation to the General Assembly in January, when a new governor will also take office.

Nearly 16 thousand AARP members from around the state listened to the townhall meeting Friday on their phones.