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Tuesday, October 5, 2010 - 4:44am

Douglasville Says ‘No’ To Pit Bull Ban

Douglasville lawmakers have narrowly rejected a proposed pit bull ban.

The ban was voted down 4-3 on Monday night as a capacity crowd looked on. Mayor Mickey Thompson has appointed a three-member ad hoc committee to bring back a dangerous dog ordinance for consideration on Oct. 28.

Had the ban been approved, the west Georgia city would have become one of the state's first to enact such a rule. The proposed ordinance would have allowed current pit bull owners to keep their dogs as long as they were registered and muzzled in public.

The measure gained momentum after a Douglasville woman was injured in July when she was bit by three loose pit bulls during a walk. In a separate incident, a police officer later had to shoot a pit bull that attacked a puppy.

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