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Friday, September 17, 2010 - 10:00am

Searching For A Slave Cemetery

The city of Columbus may have re-discovered a 180-year old slave cemetery.

The black cemetery was unmarked and not mentioned in most city records or property deeds in the area for over a century.

The city began extensive research after a resident suggested they look into it.

David Arrington, with the city of Columbus, says the location is a part of the Black Heritage Trail. This trail connects several historically important sites throughout the city.

He says a Norcross-based consulting firm is spending 45 days doing research, probing and using ground penetrating radar to determine if it was a cemetery.

“If it is, our plans are to take the appropriate steps to preserve the site and show dignity and respect to the individuals buried there. We’re waiting on the consultant’s findings so we can move forward accordingly,” he says.

The find could be one of two cemeteries created in the 1828 city charter. The second cemetery, for white residents, is already a historic site.

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