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Monday, September 13, 2010 - 11:41am

A New Grade For Schools?

Georgia’s public high schools could receive grades under a plan being considered by the state Board of Education.

Currently the only measure of a school’s performance is the federal Annual Yearly Progress test, also known as AYP.

But Board of Education spokesperson Matt Cordoza says schools deserve a more holistic ranking of their performance and their offerings like Career, Tech and Agriculture pathways:

“You may want to say how many students I wonder are in some CTA pathways, or how many Advanced Placement courses does a school offer and how are students performing on that. Those are things AYP can’t tell you.”

Cordoza says the index would help parents match what a school offers to what their child needs.

The State Board of Education is asking for public feedback.

Officials says schools already have much of the data, and tabulating the performance index would not be costly.

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