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Monday, September 6, 2010 - 4:31am

Public Health Advocates To Push Lawmakers For More Money

Funding for public health in Georgia has been declining while the state’s population has been growing. Now a group of advocates wants to convince state lawmakers that public health needs more money.

Public health many advocates say, has been neglected for too long. They point to $11 million in cuts to the budge just this year.

A new campaign entitled Partner UP for Public Health is aimed at highlighting the need for public health departments and programs. Charles Hayslett is the group’s spokesman:

“The role of public health organizations is not well understood. It’s very under-appreciated and that is I think one of the reasons it’s been under-appreciated over the past seven or eight years, and we hope to reverse that trend.”

The campaign is financed by the Georgia Healthcare foundation. It has partnered with at least 31 groups ranging from the American Cancer, Heart and Diabetes Associations, to all of Georgia’s medical schools.

The group will release public health data for every one of Georgia’s 159 counties later this week.