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Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 11:48am

Pollster Says Georgia Like Rest Of Nation

15-hundred business leaders and politicians from all over the state gathered in Middle Georgia Tuesday to press the flesh and talk business.

The Georgia Chamber of Commerce’s annual Congressional luncheon in Perry focused on the upcoming November elections.
It was well attended by Georgia senator’s, congressman and candidates seeking office.

National pollster Scott Rasmussen spoke to the crowd and said Georgia is not unlike the rest of the nation. His polling shows one in four people here are angry about the economy.

“The biggest issue facing our country has to do with restoring confidence and restoring a perception of the legitimacy of government, because right now only one out of four voters believes that government has the consent of the governed.”

Rasmussen says his polls show it could be a good year for the G.O.P., saying people tend to vote against the party in power.