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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - 11:12am

Regents To Approve More System Cuts--If Needed

The state’s University System is already running more than $220 million leaner for this school year.

Now the Board of Regents is approving plans for even deeper cuts if state revenues remain weak.

Blueprints for cutting budgets by 4, 6, and 8 percent will be sent to state officials soon. They were expected to be approved today by the Board. The additional cuts could be implemented if Georgia’s tax collections take another dive.

Already, the state’s 35 colleges and universities are dealing with across-the-board cuts for the new school year. Those include furloughs and fewer courses.

Georgia State graduate student Brad Haney is with the activist group Georgia Students for Public Higher Education. He says there’s plenty of growing concern:

“We’re worried that not as many classes are going to be offered coming up. We’re worried about more furloughs and layoffs that would affect services and campus workers.”

The group and other students rallied this March at the state Capitol against cuts to higher education. Haney says students are trying to get their voice heard by decision-makers:

“We’ve had some good conversations with policymakers, but not enough of them are paying really paying attention to the voices of students in this whole matter -- and of course faculty and campus staff as well.”

Students are already dealing with tuition hikes of up to $500 per semester.