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Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - 11:01am

Enrollment Up At Georgia’s Medical College

A total of 230 1st year medical students will begin training at MCG next week.

That’s up from 190 last year. Those 40 additional students will be attending MCG’s new satellite campus at the University of Georgia in Athens.

It’s the first year the campus has been open.

Officials say it’s just one step toward bringing medical training to all parts of the state in an effort to deal with widespread doctor shortages.

Dr. Ricardo Aziz is MCG’s new president.

"The Athens campus does have the opportunity to help provide our service and fulfill our mission to the state," Aziz said. "This is a partnership and we’ll be working with other sites across the state to help expand our reach and train our students."

Some of those sites include a residential campus in Southwest Georgia where students will live and learn in one of the state’s most under served areas.

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