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Tuesday, July 20, 2010 - 10:19pm

Handel and Deal Head into Runoff

Former secretary of state Karen Handel is the lead in the GOP race for governor, but without the majority of the vote, she faces a runoff with ex-congressman Nathan Deal.

Karen Handel still has to beat Nathan Deal come August 10th, but she told a room full of more than hundred of her supporters, she's ready to face Democrat Roy Barnes in the general election.

"When we finish the next three weeks we're going to frinish on top again and we're going to take on Roy Barnes and he talked a lot about putting an end to stuff; we're going to put an end to Roy's political career once and for all," says Handel.

Handel says she'll look for endorsements from other gubernatorial hopefuls like Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine and former state senator Eric Johnson.

And she wants to bring former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to Georgia to help her in the race.

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