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Monday, July 12, 2010 - 11:47am

Jobless Rate Could Rise With Census End

The 2010 Census is winding down and thousands of jobs in Georgia will be coming to an end with it.

The Census hired more than 20,000 Georgia workers, more than 1,000 in Chatham County alone.

The vast majority of them were door-to-door workers whose jobs were most temporary and will end in coming weeks.

Census Partnership Specialist Lauren Lewis says, the end isn't unexpected.

"Well, you know, you're never happy when people lose their jobs," Lewis says. "But the one thing that has been made clear by the Census is that they were temporary jobs."

Those going back on the job hunt face a 10.2% Georgia unemployment rate, a number that could go up with the Census' end.

"They all knew going in that these positions were temporary, that they could last anywhere from three weeks to two months," says Joe Egan, Savannah Census chief. "And once they were over, they knew their employment with the Census Bureau would end, as will mine."

Not all workers will go back to unemployment, of course.

Many Census workers were retired, students or stay-at-home parents.

Only a few Census administrative jobs will last until October.