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Monday, June 7, 2010 - 12:49pm

Ninth Congressional District Votes To Replace Gubernatorial Candidate

Polls open Tuesday in northwest Georgia’s heated 9th Congressional runoff race to replace Nathan Deal, who stepped down to run for Governor.

It’s a battle between two Republican lawmakers in one of the nation’s most conservative districts.

Voters from Gainesville to the Tennessee line will be picking between two men who’ve been battling for the image of “most conservative.”

Tom Graves, a former Republican state Representative, has the backing of the state’s Tea Party and anti-tax groups.

Former Republican state Senator Lee Hawkins touts endorsements from Fair Tax champion John Linder as well as the Christian right.

The winner would need to be re-elected in November to serve past this year.

This race is considered an early test of the Tea Party’s influence on conservative voters.

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