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Monday, May 3, 2010 - 12:40pm

Voting Begins In Conservative 9th Congressional District

Updated: 6 years ago.
The Tea Party movement will have a huge effect on the May 11th race in Georgia's 9th Congressional district (photo by Bill Stephens via Flikr)

Early voting began today in the 9th Congressional district. The Northwest Georgia seat opened up when Congressman Nathan Deal resigned in order to run for governor.

The district is considered one of the most conservative in the country. One Independent, One Democrat and 6 Republicans, are vying for the seat.

The Tea Party movement has a huge impact on the race says Dalton State College political scientist Ken Ellinger. He says dissatisfaction with Washington is the tone throughout the campaigns.

“We’ll wind up electing somebody who certainly is one of the most anti government candidate," he says. " If you listen to their rhetoric, they’re all anti government candidates.”

Except for the Democrat Mike Freeman, Ellinger says, who will have little chance of getting elected.

Because of so many candidates in the race, Ellinger expects a run off in the May 11th election.

The Republican Candidates are Chris Cates, Tom Graves, Lee Hawkins, Bert Loftman,
Bill Stephens and Steve Tarvin.

Eugene Moon is running as an independent.