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Thursday, April 29, 2010 - 9:00pm

Gun Bill Passes But Loses Ammunition

Carry permit holders had hoped for legislation vastly extending the type of places they can bring their weapons. Instead the bill spells out the places no guns can be carried. They include government buildings, churches, schools and polling places. Gun owners would be able to take their weapons to more parking lots, but not necessarily out of their cars. Bars owners could allow guns in their establishment. Senator Mitch Seabaugh says it makes carry laws very clear.

"Law enforcement will know how to properly enforce the law. And law abiding citizens will know more clearly where they can carry and where they can’t carry," Seabaugh says.

The NRA was not in favor of the final bill. They wanted to include the Atlanta airport as a place to carry guns, but it was stricken from the bill. Despite the limitations the measure did give conservative lawmakers a chance to support Georgia gun owners, a crucial voting block come November.