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Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 12:22pm

Buckle Up Pick Up Drivers

Pickup truck drivers will be required to wear seat belts in Georgia, unless they are farming. The State House gave final passage to a bill which puts Georgia in line with all other 49 states. The measure had been fought for years by rural lawmakers who say farmers do not want to be forced to wear seat belts in their trucks. Representative Mickey Channell, a Republican from Greensboro says those involved in agricultural activities will be exempt.

"lf you're going to the feed store to pick up feed you are not required to wear a seat belt. But if you're going to a football game you have to wear one. It's that simple," Channell told his colleagues from the well.

Supporters of the bill say Georgia has lost a lot of federal highway money because it did not have a seat belt requirement. Passage of the bill, they say, could qualify Georgia for future funds.