Sat., April 24, 2010 10:13am (EDT)

Budget Writers: State Budget Is Legal
By Melissa Stiers
Updated: 4 years ago

ATLANTA  —   State budget writers dispute accusations that the 2011 budget is illegal.

Democratic Minority Leader Dubose Porter asked the state’s attorney general to look into whether Republican lawmakers violated state law by putting in tax exemptions without including current data on how much they’d cost.

Thurbert Baker responded in a letter Wednesday saying it looked like it was.

Senate Majority Leader Jerry Keen who helped draft the budget disagrees.

"I am confident that not only is [hic] the bills we passed affecting the budget constitutional but all the other measures we passed are constitutional," says Keen, "and I don’t think there’s very much chance at all you’ll see the courts get involved in this."

Keen calls the letter a campaign document. Both Porter and Baker are running for governor.