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Tuesday, April 20, 2010 - 6:27am

Lawmakers Resume Work With 4 Days To Go

The Legislative clock resumes the countdown this morning, as lawmakers only have four days left to get the business of the General Assembly done for 2010.

What must get done is the budget, with the $17.8 billion plan still to be locked-in.

Last week, House lawmakers passed their budget version which included an increase for many state fees, the new hospital tax, and some tax cuts like the levy on retirement income.

The budget will now go before a committee of budget negotiators before going in front of the Senate for passage.

One of the lines of the budget to come out of last week was the House call for elimination of arts funding and the Georgia Council for the Arts. That issue was front-and-center at the Capitol Monday, as at least a couple hundred musicians, dancers, and others gathered in protest. Democratic Senator Vincent Fort of Atlanta told the crowd he would be "ashamed to be from Georgia" if the funding cuts go through.

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