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Tuesday, April 13, 2010 - 3:53pm

Hotel Tax to Keep Macon Halls of Fame Open Passes Senate

The state senate passed a bill that would let Macon raise its hotel motel tax a penny to help keep its two halls of fame open.

Senator Cecil Staton from Macon attached an amendment to help pay for the Music and Sports Halls of Fame to a house bill that lets Atlanta raise its hotel tax to pay for the Georgia Dome.

"Those two facilities in Macon Georgia are just as important to our community and just as important to the economic development of middle Georgia as are these larger facilities that we have in Atlanta," says Staton.

Senator Don Balfour who carried the bill says he’s concerned the house won’t like the amendment and worries it will slow the Atlanta hotel tax.

"I wish the amendment had not been put on," says Balfour.

The Convention and Visitors Bureaus across the state oppose using a local hotel tax to help fund the halls of fame in Macon.

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