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Monday, April 12, 2010 - 10:46am

Time Running Out To Mail In Census Forms

Census officials in Georgia say if people haven't gotten a survey in the mail at their residence by now they should call to get a replacement. That’s after a second round of census mailings went out last week that included much of the state.

Ed Davis is a regional coordinator for the Census Bureau. He says people should do everything they can to mail in forms not only because it’s convenient but because it saves money.

"To mail it in it costs the government and taxpayers 42 cents per mailing but if a census enumerator has to come to your door that’s at a cost of $57 to the taxpayer," said Davis.

If a household hasn’t mailed their form by April 16th they can expect a visit from one of those census workers.

Davis says while most areas in the state are close to fully staffed some census jobs are still available.