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Monday, April 12, 2010 - 4:14pm

Georgia Power Presents Long-Range Plan As Judge Hears Lawsuit Against Reactors

The same week Georgia Power will present its long range plan of meeting the state’s energy needs to state regulators, a judge will hear arguments challenging part of that plan.

Despite a decrease in energy demand for the past two years, Georgia Power is forecasting energy sales to pick up as the economy improves. It cites Department of Energy projections of 20 percent growth nationally in the next decade.

Spokesperson Lynn Wallace says the company will highlight how it will keep up with the growth in Georgia to the Public Service Commission Tuesday.

"We have three natural gas combine cycled units that are coming on in McDonough. We also have two nuclear units at Plant Vogtle," says Wallace.

GA Power got the PSC’s permission to build the nuclear reactors last year which generated controversy about its $6.4 billion price tag which customers will help pay for in advance. An Atlanta judge will hear a lawsuit challenging whether that’s constitutional this Friday.