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Wednesday, April 7, 2010 - 10:37am

Macon Wants to Take Over Halls of Fame

Local Macon leaders say they’re prepared to take over the Sports and Music Halls of Fame. This comes after a hotel-motel tax funding measure recently failed in the State Legislature.
Bibb County officials are proposing spending up to 15-million dollars in local tax money to buy the halls from the state. Because that SPLOST money can’t be used to run the facilities, local officials would then ask for it back from the state in the form of an endowment.
Mike Ford is with Newtown Macon, a group working to redevelop downtown. He says the halls are part of the city’s museum district.
“The loss of the halls of fame right downtown would be a disaster because not only are the hall of fames there, but we have the Children's Museum, we have the Tubman Museum, we have the Terminal Station. The community has a phenomenal investment around the plaza.”
Ford says Macon groups originally put up 8-million dollars to help build the halls. Some Atlanta lawmakers are pushing to have the two museums moved there.

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