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Friday, April 2, 2010 - 11:12am

Brunswick Jail Mediation To Continue

Mediation will continue in a heated years long controversy over whether to expand a jail in downtown Brunswick.

Glynn County officials and a resident seeking to stop the jail expansion in federal court have agreed to extend mediation into May.

Their legal cease-fire was to end this week.

At issue are county plans to expand a jail in historic Brunswick.

Neither side can comment, but Bob Torras Senior, who is seeking to stop the jail in state court, says he hopes the mediation will end with jail expansion out of downtown.

"The whole issue has been terribly divisive in this area," Torras says. "It'll ruin Brunswick."

County officials and residents dispute issues from cost to safety and the project's effect on redevelopment.

Time appears to be an enemy for both sides.

Commissioners face fall elections and unfavorable polls.

Residents face the prospect of the county soon hiring a contractor.