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Thursday, April 1, 2010 - 2:43pm

Not-Guilty Pleas from Assisted Suicide Group

“Not guilty” is the plea from four members of an assisted suicide group.

And they are challenging the Georgia law being used to prosecute them.

The four are members of the “Final Exit Network,” a national, non-profit organization that helps people end their own lives.

They are charged with helping a Georgia man suffering from cancer take his own life by teaching him how to asphyxiate himself with helium tanks and a special hood.

But their lawyers say the law they are accused of violating doesn’t ban assisting in suicide. Rather, defense attorneys say, it bans them from advertising their services in the state.

They also they say the law is vague and a violation of free speech rights.

Prosecutors had no comment after the not guilty pleas.

The Forsyth County Superior court judge set a June 1st deadline for both sides to file arguments in the case.