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Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 1:29pm

Perdue To Sue Obama Administration

Updated: 7 years ago.
Governor Perdue plans to file a lawsuit against the federal government over health care legislation (photo by Carl Zornes)

Since State Attorney General Thurbert Baker declined to sue the Obama Administration, Governor Perdue says he will go it alone by appointing a Special Attorney General out of his office.

He says he has a group of lawyers who will take on the case for free, so that there will be no cost to taxpayers.

Perdue is not necessarily looking to join other states in their law suit. That would mean sharing legal costs.

"There are two options," Perdue says. "Filing an independent act on behalf of the citizens of Georgia, I’m frankly leaning in that direction."

Georgia Democrats are putting on the pressure by trying to to make sure there are no legal costs. To that end they have requested all documents relating to any health care lawsuit from the Governor’s office under the Freedom of Information Act.