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Thursday, March 25, 2010 - 1:18pm

Dems Push Alternatives to Cuts in Services

Lawmakers are considering deep cuts to services for the disabled, seniors and poor in order to balance the state budget. Some democrats say those cuts could be avoided.

The proposed 2011 budget could eliminate a program that helps people take care of their family members with Alzheimer’s. It would cut transportation services to help seniors get to doctors appointments.

Cuts could also eliminate state employees who determine who is eligible for food stamps, as the state is already struggling to meet the increasing demand. Democratic state senator Nan Orrock says this amounts to balancing the budget on the backs of the most vulnerable.

"We are shredding our public health infrastructure, we are decimating our public education system and we are condemning seniors and the young and disabled to lives that none of us would wish upon them," says Orrock.

Orrock and other Democrats who are part of the so called "working family caucus" are pushing a bill that would raise the cigarette tax and another that would collect more taxes from the wealthiest Georgians.