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Thursday, March 18, 2010 - 11:04am

Republican Leaders Want to Overhaul Tax System

Republican leaders at the state capital want to completely overhaul Georgia’s tax system, so they’re setting up a council to advise them on how to do it.

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers says there’s plenty wrong with the current tax code.

"We have a broken property tax system that’s a relic of an agrarian society, we have a personal income tax system that’s so closely tied to unemployment figures that just when Georgia’s hurting, the state budget hurts as well, we have a corporate income tax system that discourages companies from moving to Georgia, and we have a sales tax system that exempts more services and products than it actually taxes," says Rogers.

He along with the Lieutenant Governor, the House Speaker and other Republicans announced a bill that would create a special council on tax reform. It would make recommendations lawmakers are required to act on, so they can get busy rewriting the tax code next session.

The council will be made up of economists, business leaders and two governors. Governor Sonny Perdue and former Governor Zell Miller have been asked to join.

If the bill passes, they're expected to have a plan in lawmakers’ hands by next January.

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