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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 10:32am

Mega-region Leaders From Southeast in Macon

Political and business leaders from all over the Southeast are meeting in Macon with the goal of putting their individual state’s interests aside to think more as a group.
It’s called the Piedmont-Atlantic mega-region, one of ten mega-regions across the Unites States. They’re defined as large metropolitan areas connected by water, transportation and utilities.
The Piedmont Alliance for Quality Growth is bringing together leaders from six Southern states to focus on a corridor that stretches from Raleigh to Atlanta and on into Birmingham. Macon Mayor Robert Reichert says his city is in a strategic location.
“This mega-region doesn’t follow state lines and it really connects communities more so than it does states.”
Reichert says this region is projected to grow 70-percent in the next 40 years and must keep up when it comes to infrastructure, while at the same time protecting our natural resources.

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