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Wednesday, March 10, 2010 - 5:08am

Bill To Fund Reservoir Expansion

A bill intended to make it easier to expand existing reservoirs is making its way through the state legislature.

Right now local governments have to come up with the money for expansion projects themselves. Senate Bill 380 would allow them to get loans and grants from the state.

Its sponsor, Senator Ross Tolleson (R - Perry) says it creates a process to get more water supply quicker if Georgia needs it. That could be the case if water negotiations over Lake Lanier fail and a federal judge’s ruling shuts it off as a water source in 2012.

"This will help whichever way the issue goes with the compact or the re-authorization of Lake Lanier. If we don’t get those things, then we need tools in place like this ready to go to expand existing reservoirs."

Tolleson says the bill should be up for vote in the Senate next week.

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