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Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 2:07pm

Lawmakers Try to Keep Tax Holidays Afloat

Georgia's popular tax holidays could be in jeopardy as the state budget continues to shrink.

For the past few years, Georgia has had two tax holiday weekends: one for back-to-school shopping, the other for energy efficient appliances. Both were once part of the same legislation, but this year a bill sponsored by Representative Lynn Smith (R - Newnan) decided to split the two because the back-to-school tax costs the state about $12 million and the appliance rebates another $500,000.

Smith says she wants to give her colleagues a way to pass one, both or none of the bills.

"I've tried to give them options. I've tried to not put it all in one pot because I realize the difficult times we're faced with."

Smith supports both bills and is waiting for numbers from the retail industry to show the effect of the tax credits on other state revenue.

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