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Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 9:25am

High School Tests To Come Under State Scrutiny Next

Standardized testing at public high schools will soon come under the state’s scrutiny.

This comes as nearly 200 elementary and middle schools across the state must investigate suspicious erasures on tests students took last year.

The Governors Office of Student Achievement conducted the audit resulting in the current investigations. Executive Director Kathleen Mathers told lawmakers at a budget hearing Thursday, they’ll look at high schools next.

“We’ve done a comprehensive analysis of our tests for grades 1-8. Of course our high schools take tests too. They take end of course tests and high school graduation tests, so we hope to begin work on the high school level some time this spring.”

Mathers says budget cuts to her agency won't affect those plans.

Meanwhile the agency responsible for reprimanding teachers for any wrong doing says despite limited resources, it has the people it needs to investigate educators. Kelly Henson is with the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

"I would tell you we have two investigators in our agency that are incredibly trained and confident to work on these cases," says Henson.

The commission can revoke the teaching license of educators guilty of tampering with standardized tests.