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Monday, February 22, 2010 - 10:13am

48th Brigade Beigins Coming Home This Week

The first unit of 175 soldiers from the Georgia National Guard's 48th Brigade is returning to their families following a year-long deployment to Afghanistan.
The troops have been in Afghanistan for a year. During their deployment they helped train Afghan police and security forces. Eight members of the 48th lost their lives while they were there.
Lt. Col. Ken Baldowski is with the Georgia National Guard. He says returning troops will now go through a process that helps them re-adjust to life back in Georgia.
"When they return to the states they will of course be given a complete physical. They would then meet with counselors to just really debrief and have some time to express any concerns that they may have.
Baldowski says the rest of the units will come home in waves. He expects all members of the 48th will be home by April.

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