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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 10:14am

Perdue's Plan to Expand Health Insurance Choice

Governor Sonny Perdue wants to expand health care insurance choices in Georgia by increasing competition between plans.

The Governor's Floor Leader Representative Matt Ramsey says the legislation would open up the free market for health care insurance in Georgia.

"The crux of our bill is to allow plans sold in other states to be sold here, and to expand the universe of available products to Georgia individuals and families, to give them more inexpensive options and more options period."

Ramsey says currently health care plans have to pass excessive state regulations in order to be sold here. House Bill 1184 would make insurance plans already authorized by other states available to Georgians.

Though the companies selling those products would still need Georgia licenses says the bill's co-sponsor Representative Tom Graves.

"But that company who issues that policy must also be licensed to sell here in Georgia so there’s consumer protection, but more importantly more options which brings lower prices."