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Friday, February 12, 2010 - 3:08pm

New Ride-To-Work Service on the Coast

A new regional van pool system is off to a start in Southeast Georgia. Officials say, it'll help workers connect to jobs.

The program costs about 2-million-dollars in federal and state funds. It lets workers with regular hours and long commutes ride with other workers to and from jobs. Lee Grimes of the Savannah Economic Development Authority says, it most will benefit large manufacturers on Savannah's west side, where public transportation is non-existent.

"It also is going to give them a more stable workforce. You will often hear H-R people complaining that 'So-and-so wasn't able to come in today because their car broke down."

Anyone who lives or works in a 10-county region from Savannah to Saint-Marys can start a van pool in the program run by the Coastal Regional Commission. There are strings, however. The workplace must have a demand for it. And riders share gas and other costs.

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