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Friday, February 12, 2010 - 3:02pm

Bills Seek To Protect Animals

Members of the Humane Society came to the State Capitol this week to push four bills they say protect animals.

Animal lovers want lawmakers to pass a bill that would include pets in restraining orders. They say up to 70 percent of domestic violence cases animals are either hurt or killed. Cheryl McAuliffe with the Georgia Humane Society says they are also pushing a measure that would finally rid Georgia of gas chambers.

"HB 788 which would stop the gas chambers from being used to euthanize animals. That’s still being done in a few counties. “

The Humane society also supports a bill that would make it easier for law enforcement to go after cock fighting. And they support the so called Anti Freeze bill. It would add a bitter substance to the chemical to prevent poisoning of Children and animals.

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