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Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 11:32am

Budget Cuts $1.2B In State Spending

The state house passed the amended state budget for the rest of this fiscal year which ends June 30th. It reflects $1.2 billion in additional cuts.

The $17.4 billion budget includes three more furlough days for teachers and state employees which will save the state $290 million.

It passed 122 to 44.

Naysayers cited education cuts. House Minority Leader Dubose Porter urged lawmakers to work on bringing in more money by going after businesses that don’t turn in their sales taxes. And that he says should be done before school spending gets cut.

"By us not taking responsibility that we should to prop up that ship, we continue to sink education in this state. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s wrong."

The amended budget does restore $17 million of the nearly $90 million cut from education last year.

Republican James Mills defended the budget.

"I submit to you that what you have in front of you, and while it may not be a perfect document, it’s never gong to be a perfect document, but it is less government, it is less spending."

The budget now goes to the state senate.