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Wednesday, February 10, 2010 - 11:31am

Mitsubishi Power Ramps Up Savannah Hiring

Mitsubish Power says, it's quickening the pace of hiring at its new gas turbine manufacturing plant in Pooler near Savannah.

A company spokesman says, the Savannah plant has gotten the go ahead to begin construction on Phase Two of the facility nine months earlier than expected.

The spokesman, Shawn Wattles, says, that means that the plant now will employ about 200 workers by late 2011.

"The effect of this will be to bring the jobs that are associated with that part of our factory to Savannah about nine to twelve months sooner than expected," Wattles says.

Wattles says, despite economic conditions, demand remains strong for their electrical products.

"Most of our customers are large power plants and produce power for major metropolitan areas," Wattles says. "They continue to have a large need for repair services and parts that we can provide."

Mitsubishi Power's Savannah plant will make some of North America's largest gas-electrical turbines.

It'll start out making their parts. About 90 people should be employed there by the end of 2010.

Eventually, five hundred people are expected to work there by 2016.

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