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Tuesday, February 9, 2010 - 12:58pm

Sales Tax Collection Fight Is Brewing

In this year of shrinking state revenue Republicans and Democrats are feuding over who is able to bring in more money in uncollected sales taxes.

Even the State Revenue Department agrees that a lot of sales tax remains uncollected. They point to budget and staffing shortfalls.

Republican lawmakers introduced a measure last week that would require local communities to share all business license information with the State Revenue Department so it can be checked against a sales tax ID number.

House Democrats say that bill does not go far enough. They want the state to send information back to the counties about who in their area isn't paying up says House Minority Leader Dubose Porter.

"Our bill will stop the cheaters and get the money to where it ought to go," he says.

Democrats point to a pilot program in Hall County using such a practice. It showed that 25 % of businesses did not have a sales tax license.