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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - 12:41pm

Bill Seeks To Expand School Vouchers

Georgia's special needs scholarships let parents of kids with disabilities use public funds to send their children to private schools. Now, a new bill would open the program to include foster kids and children of parents in the military.

The bill's sponsor Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers says he’s not hiding it’s a step towards letting all parents have the same option.

“How far do we progress and how long does it take to move down that progression until ultimately we reach the point where every parent has a choice of an educational setting for their children," says Rogers, "and that’s ultimately what we want to get to.”

Rogers held a press conference today and invited people to give their testimony.

Tracy Clark is a mother of four whose husband is deployed in Kuwait. She says it would help people like her.

"Especially for military members that are coming from out of state where the schools unfortunately are really good and having to come to an area where the schools aren’t so good," says Clark,"...having this option is a big plus for a lot of us military folks."

Currently, more than 1500 students take advantage of the scholarship.

Public school advocates have opposed the program saying it’s wrong to fund private schools with state money because they don’t have the same accountability as public schools.