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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 11:28am

Augusta Unrepresented As Assembly Starts

Democrats Hardie Davis and Harold V. Jones are set to compete for the vacant seat in a run-off after both failed to win 50 percent of votes. A Libertarian candidate was able to get more than 9 percent. That was enough to keep Davis, who got more than 48 percent, from winning the seat out right.

The run-off has been scheduled for February 2nd. But the general assembly goes into session on Monday.

Second place finisher Harold Jones says he will be talking with state lawmakers just in case.

"We’ll have to stay in contact with the legislative delegation, keep up with the issues that are going on and find out how we are gong to be able to help after we go up there in February," said Jones.

The senate seat became vacant last year when President Barack Obama selected former state senator Ed Tarver to be a U.S. Attorney.