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Friday, January 1, 2010 - 12:13pm

Georgia To Auction 25 Horses

As more families struggle to pay for the basics, they're being forced to make tough choices when it comes to some family pets.

Choo Choo, Gumby, and Shadow have become too expensive to feed.

They are just some of the 25 horses that will be auctioned off by the state next month in Hawkinsville.

State veterinarian Carter Black says the tough economy is causing many horse owners to voluntarily give up their animals.

"They are something that we consider somewhat of a luxury and if it comes down to feeding the family or feeding the horse, well you know who’s going to go hungry," says Black.

Black says the animals will be sold to people who can provide them with a home.

The Department of Agriculture uses money from the sale as well as donations to help pay for the program.