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Monday, December 28, 2009 - 8:30am

Stimulus Money Funds Solar Projects

4.3 million federal stimulus dollars is going to fund solar projects in the state.

Thirteen Georgia companies are getting the money for going solar. They include an industrial refrigeration company … a national baseball league club and a pig farm just outside of Athens. Don Seerly is owner of Mossland Farms.

"What we use electricity primarily on farm is heat lamps in the farmhouse for the small baby piglets," says Seerly. "We need keep them 90 degrees and we use heat lamps to keep the little piglets warm."

Seerly says the panels he’s installing on his barns to keep tens of thousands of pigs warm each year will cut his energy costs by about seven percent.

And without the 70,000 federal stimulus dollars he says the project wouldn’t have been financially feasible. It covers about a third of the project's cost.