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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 1:27pm

Ga. Companies Required to Monitor CO2 Emissions

Companies in Georgia and across the nation will have to keep track of how much carbon dioxide they emit come the new year. It's the Environmental Protection Agency's first step toward regulating green house gasses.

Starting January 1st, large utilities and manufacturers will be required to monitor the heat-trapping gasses they emit into the atmosphere.

It's something many of them already do, so gathering the data won't cost them much says Greg Jones with Oglethorpe Power.

"The thing of it is we're already monitoring much of our carbon emissions to meet other EPA standards," says Jones, "so we don't think this is something that will have a large impact on us."

Oglethorpe Power owns part of Plant Scherer near Macon... it's the nation's largest polluter of carbon dioxide according to a report issued by Environment America.

The change would come when the EPA actually collects the emissions data in 2011, and uses it to develop policies and programs to reduce emissions.

Critics say a government mandate limiting CO2 will be too costly for companies, especially in this economy.