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Tuesday, December 22, 2009 - 7:15pm

Temp Workers Getting More Jobs

The number of temporary workers in Georgia has grown throughout 2009, an indicator of a pickup in the economy.

The Georgia Department of Labor says the number of temporary employees in the state increased by about 10,000 between January and November.

In Augusta, the increase in temporary employees is translating into permanent jobs. Robert Kelly, a staffing specialist at Augusta Staffing Associates, says his agency's employees are getting hired in permanent jobs, such as accounting and medical billing, more quickly in recent weeks.

"We've seen several companies start hiring them...buying their contract out...basically early," said Kelly. "Companies are seeing the increase in production and request business and services. They're seeing the need to bring more people to handle the workload that's now increasing."

There are no state or federal government statistics measuring how long it takes temporary workers to get permanent jobs, although a recent story in The New York Times suggested temps in the U.S. are waiting slightly longer to get hired.

Nearly 115,000 people, meanwhile, were employed in temporary services in Georgia last month. That number is about 20 percent less than levels that preceded the recession.


Mary Ellen Cheatham