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Sunday, December 6, 2009 - 7:35pm

Norwood To Request Recount, Campaign Manager Says

Atlanta mayoral candidate Mary Norwood will request a recount disputing the results of last Week’s election, according to her campaign manager.

Some 700 votes separate Norwood from the self-proclaimed winner, Kasim Reed. This is less than a one percentage point difference, which means Norwood has the legal right to request a recount.

During the general election, Norwood led her opponents in the polls by strong margins. Now, Norwood faces an uphill battle in her quest to become Atlanta's mayor, and she is banking on a small number of absentee ballots to boost her to victory.

If elected, she would become the first white mayor in Atlanta in more than thirty years.

Reed says he is confident he won and has declared himself Atlanta’s next mayor.

The recount caps several months of a contentious campaign, where race and party politics played major roles.

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