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Friday, November 20, 2009 - 6:21am

Ports Up For First Time In Year

The Georgia Ports Authority posted a modest increase in traffic last month, its first positive container count in more than a year.

The state’s deepwater ports in October handled 1.7% more container traffic compared with the same month last year.

Port officials are “cautiously optimistic” the increase signals better times ahead for the ports.

“The increase in container tonnage reflects our continued strength in export volumes,” says Curtis Foltz, GPA’s Chief Operating Officer. “The GPA is well-positioned when the economy strengthens.”

Foltz noted the addition of a new service, Indamex, calling on the Savannah port next month. Indamex serves India and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Container tonnage also increased in October. It rose by 12.3%. Vessel calls increased by 15.1% percent.

October container traffic was 234,000 TEU’s, or Twenty-foot Equivalent Units, a standard measure of port traffic.

At the same time, however, quarterly numbers are off by about 10%.

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