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Thursday, September 24, 2009 - 1:10pm

Ga. DNR Looks to Privatize State Greens

In an effort to cut costs, the Department of Natural Resources is looking for private companies to take over operations at several state golf courses.

Georgia has 10 golf courses located in state parks. Courses at Georgia Veterans State Park and Richard B. Russell Park are already being run by private companies, and they have generated profits.

Now the Department of Natural Resources wants to turn day-to-day operations of the remaining courses over to private companies as well.

The action comes in response to statewide budget cuts and the governor’s call for all agencies to reduce spending. But letting go of the courses is not easy.

In May, state officials started accepting bids from companies who wanted the job. DNR officials say that although there was some interest at first, ultimately no bids were accepted.

Another round of bidding is set to begin in October.

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