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Monday, September 21, 2009 - 1:58pm

Overtopped Levees Force Hundreds From Their Homes

Trion residents Ashely Deck and Cody Collins woke up this morning in their home to the sound of emergency workers.

"They told us that everybody needs to be evacuated because the levee has broke and water is flowing [into the street] and they didn't give no time for us to get all our stuff and so everybody down here on 1st street, their house is ruined, their car and stuff...everything they got is just ruined," said Collins.

Deck and Collins, like many of the residents in this part of town, rent their homes.

"We ain't got no insurance, nothing. We don't know where we're going to sleep tonight. Our car is gone, our belongings, and I can't do nothin' but just sit here and watch the water wash away everything we have," said Collins.

Collins and Deck were just two of the residents that came to Old Highway 27 and 1st Street as the water continued to rise.

Police are not sure as of 6:00pm Monday whether or not there was a break in the levee. Regardless, the water has over topped flood control and is spilling out into the residential areas.

At least five major streets have been closed as water from the Chattooga River submerges the pavement.

A shelter has opened for Trion residents at the Pentecostal Worship Center on Lake Wanda Rita Road in Summerville.

And for students and faculty in Chattooga County, schools are closed Tuesday. Trion city schools are also closed.

With more rain in the forecast, it's doubtful the waters will recede in Northwest Georgia during the next 12 hours. Lamar Canada works with Chattooga County EMT. Canada says he didn't sleep last night as the driving rains kept coming. This afternoon, he went home briefly for a nap.

"It's likely the only sleep I'll get today or tomorrow," he said. "If this rain don't stop, I might not get any sleep this week."